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to university students in Crema, Italy.

About Crema

Crema is a town in northern Italy and is home to two campuses of UNIMI. You can discover more of the history and the town of Crema here.

Settled in the middle of the countryside of the Pianura Padana, the town can be completely covered by bicycle, and we suggest you to do so!



 How to reach Crema

There are three airports in Milan: Linate, Malpensa e Orio al Serio.

Linate is in the city and is closer to Crema (37 km west).

Malpensa is 50 km north of Milan and is therefore farther.

Orio al Serio is 40 km north of Crema and 45 km east of Milan.

Most companies fly to Malpensa, while Linate and Orio al Serio is used mainly for charter flights and low-cost companies.

Urban Transports

Even if the town can be travelled by bycicle you can always choose car or any public travelling service. MIOBUS is a city-bus call service that can help you schedule your in-town travelling needs. The University is linked with a special bus, the University Bus, to the train station as well as bus station on hourly schedule. You can check train schedules on the Trenitalia website and Trenord website. You can check the bus schedule on the Adda Trasporti website and Line website.