Degree Program in Computer-network and System Security

Three-year Degree

sicurezza-04The degree program in computer-network and system security aims to provide the future graduate with thorough technical training in computer science, focusing especially on information-security issues at the level of:

  • infrastructure (designing secure networks and information systems, technology for security and sensitive data privacy, risk assessment and management, disaster recovery);
  • applications (designing secure software, web and mobile system security, computer forensics).



This offers a solid scientific and technological foundation combined with a focus on the scientific results and the most recent technology that underlie computer security.  Such learning is designed to be useful both to those entering the job market and to those continuing for a master’s degree.

Since its inauguration in 2003-2004, this had been the only Italian three-year degree program explicitly devoted to computer and information security.  The degree program in computer-network and system security is also offered online to distance learners.


Employment Prospects

The objective of this degree program is to train professionals to work in all contexts, from manufacturing to local government, involved in using and developing secure information infrastructure and infrastructure for accessing distributed services.

Graduates can seek employment as:

  • planners or managers of corporate information systems, mobile systems, and secure e-commerce systems;
  • experts in security and intrusion prevention;
  • developers of web services and multiplatform or mission-critical distributed systems.

Course Attendance

The computer-security degree program lasts three years, during which students must earn 180 credit units.  Courses for each year are divided into two harmonized cycles traditionally known as semesters, each lasting at least 12 weeks.

Learning is fostered through classroom lessons, practical exercises, laboratory sessions, and computer-aided instruction.  The program typically also includes an internship, outside the university if possible, at a public or private organization, as well as seminars for orientation to the workplace.

Attendance is not mandatory but is highly recommended.  Our life-size campus makes it possible to build a positive climate of exchange in the classroom, both in student-faculty relations and within the student body.

To assist students who are unable to attend or, in any event, wish to review classroom lessons as part of independent study, video recordings are available.  Currently, most required subjects are available on recorded video.

Admission Requirements

Limited enrolment with admission test. How to enrol.

Where are courses held?

Courses are held on the Crema campus of the Università degli Studi di Milano Computer Science Department at Via Bramante, 65.

Student Services

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