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Ruby Karmacharya: a Computer Science Master to remember – Studiare a Crema

Ruby Karmacharya: a Computer Science Master to remember

Laurea01My journey to University of Milan in the quest of enhancing my skills in Computer Science has been an incredible experience of learning new culture, forging new relationships and gaining an unparalleled opportunity of learning from highly professional and eminent academicians in this field. I was fortunate to get hands on experience by doing several projects during my Master course. Furthermore, my research competencies got more refined, updated and nurtured by the work experience during my final Master Thesis entitled ‘Automatic Sleep Scoring: Heart Rate Variability Compared to Actigraphy’.

My supervisor, Prof. Roberto Sassi, head of the Biomedical Image and Signal Processing (BiSP) Laboratory, University of Milan, Crema not only guided me professionally but also constantly inspired me to see beyond the horizons. He let me explore the amazing works that are being done in his laboratory. My co-supervisors Aktaruzzaman and Massimo Walter Rivolta helped me to enhance theoretical knowledge in the subject domain and comforted me through my ups and downs in the roller-coaster ride of research and thesis preparation.

The Department of Computer Science in Crema will always be in my heart and mind for its unparalleled team of faculties, students and staffs, where my dreams of higher education got fulfilled. I thoroughly enjoyed what I learnt in my Master studies and I do not have any doubt that I want to pursue my further career in this field. I believe that I can further contribute in this field through the skills I have learnt. As I look back I realize that I have been able to get substantial skills in Software Design and Development, Data Management and Machine Learning. My experience is my strong asset but my passion and dedication in this field are the strongest ones.

As an individual, I think that I have matured over these two years. It was an ultimate venture of discovering oneself, understanding others and forging relationships. I have always been a very open-minded, friendly person. My two years of stay here has also taught me the core skills of adjustments in a foreign culture and appreciating the differences. The fact that the students and the colleagues represent the world creates a very conducive environment for mutual discussion for understanding and also trying to get solutions of the problems, which are so much similar to all of us from different countries. I now fully understand the essence of what somebody said, ‘We are so different with each other, that’s why we have so much to share.